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A Small Business’ Guide

Cashflow is defined as “The total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business”, it is much more about the amount of cash your business has at that moment in time than metrics like profit. Cashflow can cause big problems for small businesses, particularly for seasonal businesses. That painful time between invoicing and payment is felt by most small businesses but if you pay attention to your business’ cashflow this pain can be minimized.

The first step in good cashflow management is to set cashflow targets. By preparing and maintaining a cashflow forecast that you update regularly (cashflow is an ever-changing situation) you are able to get an idea of the financial outlook of your business for the next six months or so. This cashflow forecast will demonstrate to your credit controllers that you are giving this area attention and create the opportunity to assign cashflow responsibilities out to appropriate people within your team.

Once you have your cashflow forecast in the bag, the next thing to think about is establishing agreed payment terms. Once you know payment terms it will be so much easier to know when payments are going to be overdue and manage your cashflow situation.

Your business will have control over certain factors which affect cashflow. One such factor is invoicing. Your business will have the power to control when invoices get sent out. It is best practice that you send out client invoices as soon as possible after the work is finished. If you wait a week or so until after the work is finished the money will probably not be in your bank account until about three weeks after it has been completed. If you issue the invoice by email this process will take much less time and there will be an easily accessible record of the invoice.

Another factor which your business may have some control over is customer payments. The customer payment process should be made as easy as possible. Offering your customers ways of paying that are more timely and suitable to your business like paying online and deterring customers from paying by check is a good way to ensure a good cashflow.

In some instances you may be able to make direct debits the norm for your business. Establishing direct debits will allow your business to scale without an increase in the cost of collection.

If your business can afford to do so, than it is really time and energy saving to be able to use technology to manage your cashflow. There are almost endless ways that your business could use technology to help manage your cashflow. Something like cloud accounting software can save people working within your business time and help you keep track of your finances. Budgeting software is another great way for small businesses to stay on top of cashflow.

Clickbank Home Business

Did you know that you can dominate affiliate marketing? You could start your Clickbank Home Business today, and open your very own home business affiliate marketing. For those that do not know what an affiliate marketer is… without getting too technical… an affiliate marketer is someone that gets paid commissions to sell products for someone else. People that sell products through affiliates pay huge commissions (up to 75% and in some cases more) for selling their products. Internet marketers set up a home business affiliate marketing websites to sell these products, and make lots of money by doing so.

There are many affiliate networks online, and to find them you would simply do a search for “online affiliate programs” and you will get over a million results. The program that I will talk about in this article is called ClickBank.

Clickbank specializes in digital products such as ebooks and software, and has over well over 10,000 products in its inventory. If you are new to affiliate marketing Clickbank is the perfect place that you can go to start selling products, and make loads of money in commissions. Sign-up is free, and you have full access to sell any of the thousands of products in the Clickbank marketplace.

Clickbank handles all the cash transactions for you, so if you market a merchant’s product, and you refer a buyer to the merchant’s website to buy the product, then Clickbank automatically transfers the commission funds to your account. You only need to refer people to the website, and you get paid when they buy… its that simple.

It feels GREAT when you start making money online working from home on the computer with an affiliate network such as Clickbank. It does require some work, but more and more people these days are looking for ways to start making money online from the comfort of their own home. Clickbank is the easiest way to make tons of money online without carrying a warehouse full of merchandise. Sell somebody else’s products, and make a killing from commissions.

Small Business Guide to Direct Defense

The ability for small manufacturers and other modest sized service organization to break through the veil which shielded them from participation with the U.S. Department of Defense and other national security agencies has been penetrated. The Defense Venture Catalyst Initiative (DeVenCI) has developed a program that helps managers within these agencies bypass the usual larger defense contractor and deal directly with small scale enterprises to seek new rapidly deployable technologies. Under the direction of Bob Pohanka, DeVenCI matches defense manager who have problems they need solving with small companies that can offer solutions.

DeVenCI sponsors events several times a year in the Washington, DC area where the small companies get the opportunity to pitch their technologies and wares to an audience of defense agency manager in the hope that a match will occur. To stay on top of which companies and what specialized technologies are available, Pohanka enlist the aid of volunteer venture capitalist across the country. The venture capitalists are provided extensive briefing on the Department of Defense and national security agencies needs. Armed with this information, they network to locate the relevant companies and invite them to a DeVenCI sponsored event.

If a match is made the selected firm is invited to working group meetings to learn more about the potential government buyers needs and is provided with information to help them customize their offer to fit the agencies needs. Once a firm has been accepted, the potential to talk with other defense agency managers also becomes available.

According to Pohanka, DeVenCI initially focused only on the Information Technology needs of the defense agency managers but has since expanded to include offerings from small business involved in biotechnology, sensors, energy, electronics, space, and nanotechnology. Smaller organizations have the ability to quickly adapt to defense agencies needs and make changes without extensive internal reorganization, massive re-engineering, and on a lower budget. This makes small business defense contractors the perfect solution for small level projects which were once assigned to the big company defense contractors.

If you are a small enterprise that is involved in goods or services which may benefit DeVenCI’s defense manager’s needs, but are not on any of the list within the volunteer venture capitalist network, there is still an opportunity for you to get invited to a DeVenCI event. You can submit your company information directly to them at their web site. Go to and complete their information form online. The ability to become a national defense contractor just got easier.